Project 3

Indokemika’s management team consists of seasoned experts with long-standing industrial experience. Under their guidance a workforce of over 300 people, of whom 50 percent are devoted to sales, marketing and customer support, ensures smooth and effective operations of our business.

Indokemika has the resources to serve and support its customer base effectively and efficiently. Constant training and skill upgrading programs ensure that our personnel are adequately equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge. A customer-centric approach and constant strive for improvement are reflected in everything we do.

For over a decade, Indokemika has been the prime supplier of chemicals to various industries in Indonesia. With extensive business networks, comprehensive product portfolios and firm backing from leading chemical producers around the world, we have been able to position ourselves among the top 3 chemical suppliers in Indonesia.

Access to priority lane in Indonesia custom ports, well-equipped warehouses and tank-farms, a modern delivery fleet and business presence in major industrial centers of Indonesia allow us to deliver our products timely and efficiently. Ten branch offices and eleven representative offices throughout Indonesia ensure proximity and effective support to our customers. A solution-based approach and flexible business arrangements are further advantages Indokemika offers to its customers.

Prudent financial management, strong business ethics, and good corporate governance sustain Indokemika’s competitive advantages and enable us to grow together and nurture long term partnerships with our valued customers.